[0065] In the situation where the conclusion is NDI, or the results of the tests appear inconclusive, the use of polygraph countermeasures must be investigated. The examiner determines the average X C of time intervals 14 during the control question-answer groups and the average X R of time intervals 16 of the relevant question-answer groups.
The DEA does not retest individuals whose polygraph results indicate deception; however, individuals whose results are inconclusive are retested. The hiring recommendation is based on all factors, including the polygraph results. DEA does not disqualify an applicant solely on the basis of an inconclusive polygraph examination result. 69
Mar 01, 2016 · *Does not add to 1000 because polygraph has inconclusive results. In Table 4, it is notable that although the test is more accurate with Guilty subjects, there is a greater degree of confidence in Pass Test outcomes (NPV = .90) than with Fail Test outcomes (PPV = .85)
Dec 26, 2017 · What does IPS do for the "Inconclusive" and "N/A" Event result in the attack log? Does IPS block that connection or allow to pass in/out the network for those event result? 1 person had this problem.