If the NFS server has a large number of cores and a fair amount of memory, you can increase RPCNFSDCOUNT. I have seen 256 used on an NFS server with 16 cores and 128GB of memory, and it ran extremely well. Even for home clusters, eight NFS daemons is very small, and you might want to consider increasing the number.
Step 4: Configure the NFS-Client provisioner Note: To deploy to an ARM-based environment, use: deploy/deployment-arm.yaml instead, otherwise use deploy/deployment.yaml. Next you must edit the provisioner's deployment file to add connection information for your NFS server.
See B4 for background information on how export options affect the Linux NFS server's write behavior. Since Linux 2.4, the NFS Version 3 server recognizes the "async" export option. When this option is set, the server replies to clients before data has been written to permanent storage.
/etc/exports needs to be edited on the NFS server machine, not the clients, as you state you did, as it is checked by the NFS server when a client requests access to a share. If you put the following in /etc/exports on the NFS server, it should work: