Multiple choice tests require a certain amount of studying but never lose sight of how important the actual strategies you use to take the test are. With the right strategies you can study less and get the equivalent grade of studying dramatically more. (No, I'm not suggesting to skip studying completely.
Write questions throughout the term. Multiple-choice question exams are challenging and time-consuming to create. By doing this, you acknowledge the fact that the distractors may have an element of truth to them and discourage arguments from students who may argue that their answer...
If you are taking a multiple choice test, match your answer to an answer choice. Use the process of elimination. Teachers, if you are creating questions, try these frames: Identify sequence or steps in a process
On the exam, you must take, and pass, all four sections together as a single test (140 questions total). Our on-demand Praxis Elementary Education Online Prep programs below are sold seperately by section, so you have the option to focus on specific sections if you wish.