Only specialised tools that include an error-tolerant (fuzzy) matching algorithm can provide a satisfactory solution to this problem, such as DataQualityTools: You can read about how to use DataQualityTools to search for duplicates within a table in the article ' Search intelligently for duplicates and duplicate addresses with DataQualityTools '.
Top Name Matching APIs include Company Name Match, Full Name Match, Parsed Name Match and more. Sign Up today for Free! Another API is Parsed Name Match. It is also by Interzoid. The API produces a fuzzy matching similarity key for verifying and correcting full names (name parsing).
Mar 26, 2015 · Matching company names is indeed a serious issue. It is seen that most businessman often come up with the question how to fuzzy match company names. Numerous businessmen are there who suffers from this same kind of problem. Linking the company informations together from a disparate dataset is also important.
Hi @florayaoyao. I have attached a workflow which walks through the 'Merge' principle of Fuzzy Matching. As you want to compare two different fields (e.g. two different sources) you will need to use two input tools, both will reference the same input file below, however in the first input tool you can just select the D&B Business Legal Name and in the second input tool you can use a select ...