What is Diggerz?? Diggerz is a 2D Battle Royale game where your goal is to be the last survivor! To do this, you can shoot other players of course, but also build and dig a defense!
So I'm as new as it can get to these add ons and builds. So I just got the new 4k fire stick and wanted to get some movies. I followed a youtube how to and started with the kodi 19 and diggz xenon build and was having nothing but issues. Crashing and slow scraping. So I switched to kodi 18 with the xanax build and ran into issues as well.
DIGGZ, New York, New York. 384 likes. DIGGZ is an online marketplace for finding roommates that fit your personality and preferences
DiggZ Official. 143 likes. Music is my passion in life, and I want to bring you the same feeling that I get when I listen to it....