Jan 03, 2019 · Marketing automation, AI and digital marketing are changing the way the world sells. This means that CMOs, digital marketing directors, and other marketers now need a new mix of talents and skills on their team. This article talks about the top 10 most critical skills for marketing teams, and why they're necessary for new ways to segment and target multiple markets and audiences. The article ...
Jun 27, 2019 · The data in this brief are presented at the state level, but there can be a lot of variance at a plan level within a state. Kentucky is a good example of how two retirement systems in one state can be on very different trajectories. Kentucky’s retirement systems have consistently had one of the lowest funded ratios of any state.
Data visualizations can be very colorful and impressive. But remember that the key to creating effective data visualizations doesn’t hinge on whether it’s exciting, but rather on whether it uncovers the real business issues that need to be addressed. A worksheet helps you create your own data visualizations or evaluate the creations of others. Here […]
The Domestic Data Streamers participatory invitation is a strong reason. Fireworks: Fun & Dangerous. Lets tackle another example of a very chart-like data sculpture. A team of students in my 2016 Data Storytelling Studio course decided to analyze fireworks-related injuries in the US.